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Fruity Loopz NFT examples


Nukes have destroyed our beloved earth as we know it, leaving behind a colorless, destitute world of mutants and depressed monkeys. Not much hope is left.

Shortly after, on a small Arctic island, tremors were felt at the Global Seed Vault. The world's last store of precious fruit seeds was contaminated by radioactive substances, giving birth to the Fruity Loopz on the magical Ethereum forest!

Bursting out of their pods with glee, they glimmer and shine with color, restoring happiness and order to those that are lucky enough to find them. Now Frens, are you ready to sweeten up your life?




Put your hands up in the air! Part of Steve Aoki's entourage, Pineapplez can be found crowd surfing on boats at the craziest parties in Ibiza, Coachella, and Glastonbury.


Lemonz understood the assignment! Looks like following Gary Vee's tips works! Their creative content and sweet vibes have them trending higher than Charli D'amelio on Tiktok!


Pop, it's rosé a'clock! You'll find Crazy Rich Peachz in private jets, yacht parties and the most exclusive socialite clubs around the world. The jetsetter lifestyle is not an easy one… but that's what jacuzzi tubs and champagne showers are for!


1,2... Mic check! An angelic voice comes wafting through the air.. Strawberryz are not only talented musicians but also art designers mentored by Murakami. No doubt the creatives of the bunch!


Incubating the next metaverse unicorn from their parent’s basement, Dragonfruitz can be found strolling down Sandhill road ready to whip out their pitch deck to whomever will listen. Kickstarter coming soon!


Coconutz's commitment and love for League of Legends has earned them a spot with Team Liquid! Equipped with a Razer headset and a Logitech G502 these e-sport big shots have all eyes on them. GG


To the moon! Watermelonz have been mining bitcoin since they were toddlers. No wonder Watermelonz are the world's most famous crypto whales. In need for alpha, set your notifications… WAGMI


ZiZip up your Pata-gucci jacket and hop on a new adventure with Bananaz! Climbing El Capitan, sailing the Pacific, or skiing in the Swiss Alps you've got your itinerary taken care of!! Go Bananaz with this adrenaline junkie.


Om… Om… yoga instructors and vegan influencers, Avocadoz will help you achieve a balanced life full of spirituality, meaningful healthy organic diets, and a warm heart. Namaste

Unique Fruity Loopz

Each Fruity Loopz is 100% uniquely generated from 8 layers (clothes, hat, etc.) and 165+ traits. The traits include sweet stuff like jetpacks, egg hats, and many more iconic accessories.


Plant 25%

FREE MINT on May 31st

Water 50%

Multistep reveal process

Sunlight 75%

Perpetual storage in the Arctic World Archive

Grow 100%

Fruity University: Launch your NFT project (only for OGs)


What are the tokenomics?
  • Total number of tokens — 2,222
  • Tokens withheld from sale — OG Seed Holders will receive an airdrop for each NFT they own
  • Number of traits — 8
  • Number of attributes — 165+
  • Price per token — Free mint + gas fees
  • Royalty fees — 10%
  • Blockchain — Ethereum
  • File hosting — IPFS
  • Token type — ERC721A
  • Licensing — Commercial rights
  • Reveal Type — the first ever multi-stage reveal!
  • Smart Contract — TBA
Was the contract audited?
Yes, the smart contract was externally audited by illing.eth (Twitter: @illing_eth, GitHub: @illing2005)
Which Standard was used for the implementation?
We used ERC721A! The Azuki implementation is great for gas saving, allowing you to pay lower gas fees than the standard ERC721 Open zeppelin one.
Will there be a pre sale?
Fruity Loopz OG Seedz Holders as well as community members that are granted Early access will be granted access to the sale prior to the public.
How do you ensure the fairness of the collection generation and distribution?
We followed the golden standard to prove our collection was randomly generated and distributed following this order of operations:
  • Generate the collection of metadata and images
  • Shuffle the collection
  • Calculate the provenance hash of the images (in the order after the shuffling) and persist it in the smart contract at the moment of the deployment
  • After the public sale ends, we'll generate a random number in the Smart contract (using VRF) and we'll use that number to shift the collection by that amount to the right.
And that's it! That's the final order of the NFTs. As we cannot know before minting which NFT we would get from the current number of NFTs minted, the team does not have an unfair advantage compared to any other user!
Can I join the contests and raffles without owning a Fruity Loopz?

Yes!! Everyone is welcome to join our community and participate in art creation, challenges, karaokes, games, and more. Bring some sweet vibes we welcome it!

How can I be part of this sweet journey?

Follow us on Twitter: @FruityLoopzNFT

Join our Discord:

How do I buy a Fruity Loopz NFT?
  1. Download a Metamask or Coinbase Wallet as an extension on your internet browser.
  2. Send some Ethereum to your MetaMask account. You'll need the ETH in order to purchase the NFT, as well as to cover the "gas" fees, which are basically transaction fees. Please note that the gas fees may widely vary depending on the traffic on the Ethereum blockchain
  3. On mint day, our website will show a “connect" button. Clicking on it will open your MetaMask or Coinbase account and you will be prompted to connect your wallet.
  4. When you are ready choose the number of NFTs you want to mint and click on the mint button. A pop-up to “confirm" the transaction will appear on your wallet.
  5. You are done! You'll find your Fruity Loopz NFT in your wallet and on Opensea!



Artist & Creative Director


Project lead


Project lead


Blockchain developer


Software engineer


Social media manager

Partnerships & Collabs

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